Reproduction Checklist

Circa 1917 U.S. Graphic
Circa 1917 U.S. Graphic

For those who need good reproduction gear, here are links to What Price Glory items.

Reproduction Checklist (you need to march in NYC Parade)

M1910 First Aid Pouch

Pre WWI first aid packet for the M1910 First Aid Pouch

M1910 Haversack and Pack Carrier (1917 production)

M1910 Entrenching tool

M1910 Entrenching tool cover

M1910 Canteen Carrier

M1910 Canteen & Cup

M1910 Bayonet Scabbard (for the M1905 Bayonet)

M1910 cartridge belt with eagle snaps

M1917 rifle cartridge belt

British SBR respirator gas mask and bag

Wool puttees (leg wraps)

Wool Enlisted Overseas Cap

M1912 Wool Enlisted Breeches

M1912 Wool Enlisted Tunic/Service Coat

Pre-War Belt for trousers

M1904 Marching Shoes

M1917 Trench Boots

Other recommendations

Helmet and replacement chinstraps – Prairie Flower Leather Co.

Replica collar disks & insignia – Repros By Ray