Register Now for AEF WWI Exhibits at Eisenhower Farm, May 4-5

Camp Colt
Camp Colt
The East Coast Doughboys are the invited living historians for an updated weekend at Eisenhower National Historic Site, aka Ike’s Farm, in Gettysburg, PA, May 4-5, 2024. These are the outlines for the reenactor impressions welcomed; all must pre-register in advance with the ECD (no exceptions). Registration is at the bottom of this post. Address: 243 Eisenhower Farm Rd, Gettysburg, PA 17325. We will tent camp on the grounds Friday night, May 3, and Saturday night, May 4.

U.S. Army
Tanks and Tank Corps relationship to Camp Colt and the tank training and use of tanks in WWI. We will have historical resources to share in advance to study up on. Also infantry and related fields that would be associated with the era in France, Belgium, and homefront. This would include Aviation, Signal Corps, Medical Corps, Quartermaster Corps, cooks, musicians. U.S. Army Infantry particularly needed for 58th, 59th, 60th and 61st United States Infantry regiments. U.S. military vehicles of Great War era invited (got a tank?). It’s recommended to have campaign hats instead of overseas caps.

Background Information
The Army’s First Tank School: Camp Colt at Gettysburg
Ideas for the uniform for any Camp Colt soldier: Collectors Weekly
Competing Memory: Camp Colt’s Place in Gettysburg History

U.S. Navy
Any U.S.N. men or women, four-legged mascots, Great War era only.

U.S. Marine Corps
Any infantry and related fields, Great War era only.

YMCA, Medical, American Field Service, American volunteers overseas and homefront. Civilians in Edwardian attire.

British Army
Only British Army advisers who worked at Camp Colt as tank trainers and advisers. Must be knowledgeable about tank training.

–Everyone will pre-register in advance through the ECD. Pre-registration closes 25 April 2024. *A photo of yourself in full kit is required.*
–Tent camp permitted. Or stay in area motels.
–Tables can be provided by NPS for displays.
–Parking on site.
–All weapons must be inspected by the NPS Supervisors. Do not bring any types of ammo.
–Restrooms and running water on-site.
–No open campfires.
–NO WW2 uniforms.
All AEF uniforms must comply with these guidelines.

Questions? Reach out to ECD leadership, Kevin Fitzpatrick: kevin [AT] fitzpatrickauthor [DOT] com. Send a photo is yourself in kit or what you plan to wear.

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